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Apex Rockfall Mitigation Services

Apex Rockfall Mitigation offers a wide range of geo-hazard stabilization services. With years of experience in industry, we have found there is no challenge that Apex cannot handle.

Rockfall Mitigation

  • Rockfall Barriers
  • Attenuator Systems
  • Draped Mesh Systems
  • Pinned TECCO systems
  • Split Sets
  • Landslide Remediation
  • Rock Scaling
  • Grouting
  • Boulder Downsizing
  • Trim Blasting
  • Wire Rope Lashing
  • Rock Bolts
  • Rock Dowels

Limited Access Drilling

  • Specialty Drilling Equipment
  • Experienced in Helicopter Assisted  Projects
  • Experienced Technicians

Emergency Services

  • Temporary Roadway Protection
  • Rock Scaling
  • Boulder Downsizing
  • Trim Blasting
  • Off Hauling of Material
  • Response within 24-hours Nationwide

Slope Stabilization

  • Soil Nails
  • Shotcrete- Inclusive of Colored, Cut and Carved
  • Tie Backs
  • Micropiles

Aerial Adventure Course Anchor Installation

  • Compression Micropiles for Tower Foundations
  • Tension Micropiles for Guy Wire Systems
  • Low Impact Access Methods to Comply with Environmental Requirements in Protected or Fragile Ecosystems.

Drilling & Blasting

  • Trim Blasting
  • Hard Rock Excavation
  • All In House
  • Photo’s coming soon…

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